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Everyone's talking about the climate. We're helping it!


klimalan is a brand of Baur Vliesstoffe GmbH. Our heritage is the production of non-wovens that isolate and insulate, stabilize, clean and filter. And they protect - from heat, cold, humidity and noise.


For the manufacturing of our products we rely on the powers of nature - for good reasons. We manufacture sustainably and hence protect the environment. Using wool as a raw material is of an ever growing significance for us.


The idea to create a wide variety of insulation and building material from natural fibres using minimal resources is driving us.


You are invited to rediscover wool with us!


klimalan stands for

  • Superiority in function and quality

  • The ultimate room climate

  • Durability, respect for the environment, and sustainability

  • "Made in Germany" from new wool

  • High-Tech from, and in tune with nature

klimalan will

  • Save you energy and lower your heating bills

  • Increase the value of your real estate

  • Elevate your well-being through the ultimate room climate

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