Insulation tips

Insulation tips

klimalan-products feature professional quality. You won't find any material here that can be teared apart by hand, because we think that even after decades, your insulation has to be right there where you fixed it.


Thin material (klimalan filz up to 5 mm, klimalan pro) can be cut with sharp taylors shears. Tip: Gently push the slightly opened blades through the material without a cutting movement. With sharp shears, the blades glide right through.


Smaller quantities of thicker material (klimalan plus, klimalan filz >5 mm) can be cut without special tools. Compress the material, e.g. with a batten (metal preferred over wood), before cutting it using sharp (!) cutter blades. Use caution!


Larger quantities of thicker materials (klimalan plus, klimalan filz >5 mm) can be cleanly cut using guillotine shears. These can be rented at your dealer or from us.


Artisans like carpenters or timber constructors can benefit from getting a professional cutting tool like the Speed-Cutter. This robust, compact, light tool even cuts our needled products cleanly and easily.


The widely used "Alligator" with two wavy blades moving in opposing directions (!) performs flawlessly for thermally bonded sheep wool insulation (see thermalan, swisswool oder tirolwool iso). Check out the video. A slightly jagged sharpening delivers good results, too.


A great performing and simple insulation knife is now available for rent to DIY customers, too. Professionals can purchase the tool directly from our BeLux importer, Paul Zanzen.


On request we will manufacture larger amounts of material in the required width. However: Always measure twice to cut once!


Wishing you good success and a lot of fun with our products

The klimalan-Team

By the way: Wool goes well with other ecological insulation material

like cellulose, hemp or wood fibre, but also with conventional building material. That way, any design can benefit from wool's advantages.

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