Finland, you're the country for me*

The Finns show us once more how construction ought to be done. A modern reincarnation of the classic log building is currently being erected about 40 km west of Helsinki. While the walls are made from solid logs, floor and roof (U-value: 0.09 W/m²*K, R-value 11.1 m²*K/W) are thickly insulated with sheep wool. But that's not all: between the logs, a sheep wool tape replaces the otherwise used flax tape, and even the HVAC ducts have been insulated using thermalan alu. Can one do any better?

*From Monty Python's song "Finland", ca. 1980s

Squaring the circle

Sometimes things are being created before their time has come. For all coming generations, we hope that the time for the summer house designed and built by Lisa Sommer and Mario Huber will be soon to come - because this world needs fresh, mutifunctional solutions that can be realized using manageable resources. lassen.


Voilà: "Das Gartenhaus" (i.e. summer house in English)

The "Gartenhaus" is the prototype of a room in the outdoors, offering protection from heat, cold and rain, while at the same time creating a feeling of intimacy but also functioning as an extension of open space. You might as well call it a heatable living room, sleeping four and doubling duty as a roof deck, which - in a punch - can work as a hothouse when needed.

Couldn't this be an incarnation of a squared circle? Ingenious. Simple. Good.


I want one. How about you?


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Simone Niggli-Luder insulates with klimalan

"We knew from the start that we wanted to build as ecologic as possible!" Münsingen in the canton of Bern is now home to the new house of Simone and Matthias Niggli-Luder. The plus energy house of the 17-time world champion in orienteering produces more energy than it consumes. The combination of classic craft like wood, lime plaster, clay colors and sheep wool with progressive technology and the careful handling of resources are trademarks of this house. The complete wooden construction has been insulated with swiss sheep wool and is protected from the elements by glazed wood panels from mountain spruce.

Solar Decathlon Europe 2010

The "Solar Decathlon" competition pits 20 selected teams from universities around the world against each other in a competition to design and build a residential house that is purely solar powered. Besides concept, energy balance and content of innovation, also comfort, design, communications and marketability are evaluated. The klimalan plus insulated home of the Hochschule für Technik (HFT) Stuttgart ranked third in this international top-class competition.

Photos: Jan Cremers, HFT Stuttgart

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