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General information

Pollutants surround us on a daily basis in form of vapours from bonded compounds, varnishes and respirable particles. Whether these can harm you depends on their concentration and your personal disposition.


Should a tangible risk potential actually exist, the redevelopment has to be executed with care and reason. In case the emission source cannot be removed for technical or economic reasons, a building biologist should be consulted before considering a redevelopment using sheep wool.


klimalan purifies the air and thus frees your home from harmful pollutants and unwanted smells, so you can always breathe freely with confidence. And all of that is achieved with the powers of nature only - because sheep wool binds hazardous substances in a gentle, natural way by directly sorbing toxins and smells, binding them permanently and thus effectively removing them.


The result can be smelled - and felt: clean air, a pleasant room climate, and the good feeling of having achieved this in harmony with nature.

Did you know, that gaseous harmful and problematic substances are sorbed to and rendered harmless by the single fibres of a sheep wool fleece? Only 5 m² of fleece provide 100 m³ of healthier air!

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