Use cases

General information

All insulation materials save heating cost. Good insulation materials also protect from summer heat. And only insulation materials from sheep wool offer the best possible moisture management and the capability to improve indoor air.


Due to its outstanding wool properties and the special manufacturing technique, klimalan levels peaks in temperature and changes of humidity - same as a protective blanket, klimalan surrounds the areas that you live or work in, protecting you from cold and heat, thus considerably cutting expenses for heating and cooling. Year after year.

Did you know, that the surface of wool repels water, but its inner can absorb up to 30 % of its dry weight in the form of water vapour without feeling wet?

klimalan's applications:

  • Between and under rafters
  • Between structural timbers
  • In the installation level
  • Partition and dry walls
  • Ceilings and floors
  • Interior insulation of outside walls

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