Use cases

Insulation against heat and cold

Whether cosy warmth in winter or refreshing coolness on hot summer days, klimalan offers insulation against heat and cold the natural way.

Thanks to its high density and klimalan's special manufacturing technique the natural insulator sheep wool is turned into an insulation material with a heat conductivity of 0,036 W/m*K and a heat capacity of 1.800 J/kg*K.

Since sheep wool, as the "world champion" of sorption, can absorb up to a third of its dry weight in humidity, the use of vapour barriers, and in many cases even vapour brakes, is not required. Thus, the indoor air is never too dry and never too humid, but stays at a natural level.

klimalan's applications:

  • Between and under rafters
  • Between structural timbers
  • In the installation level
  • Partition and dry walls
  • Ceilings and floors
  • Interior insulation of outside walls

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