Many good reasons speak in favour of the traditional material sheep wool:

Sheep wool - the Ueber-Insulation

Sheep wool lets us create an insulation uniting the positive characteristics of the most different materials in a remarkable way.

Cost savings

The low thermal transfer rate of klimalan enables high energy savings as well as a high conveyance of daylight thanks to low required thicknesses.


The value of your real estate depends on its location, equipment and energy consumption. While the location cannot be changed, klimalan can lower the energy consumption and score as ecological equipment at the same time.

Building health

Sheep wool protects from cold, heat, noise, levels humidity and even cleans the indoor air - thus protecting your health.


klimalan is free of harmful substances. Even in case of fire wool extinguishes itself, does not emit toxic vapours and leaves nothing but cool ashes.

Easy to install

klimalan can be installed by every do-it-yourselfer without special tools or protective equipment.


Sheep wool is naturally ecologic. We esteem this unique raw material through careful handling from wool collection to your door.


klimalan consists of sheep wool of European origin, mainly from southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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