Many good reasons speak in favour of the traditional material sheep wool: it is sustainable, economic, honest. And maybe it is a great opportunity. For you. For your customers. For our environment. Let's get started!

Added value

The use of a trendsetting, ecologic insulation material adds value to real estate. More and more owners honour, besides energy efficiency, the added value of the sanitary and ecologic aspects brought about by natural construction materials like sheep wool.


The installation of klimalan does neither required special tools nor special protective apparel. For this reason, work can be started quickly and safely. It can simply be installed on top of existing insulation material. In that case, klimalan acts as a protective blanket between insulation and rooms. Removal and disposal of otherwise intact insulation are not required.

Sheep wool - the Ueber-Insulation

klimalan unites the positive characteristics of the most different materials in itself in a remarkable way and thus can create a climate of ultimate comfort. As a sanitary and allergological inoffensive alternative, sheep wool can even improve the well-being of persons with special sensitivities.

Use cases/product range

klimalan products are available in most common dimensions. Through a multi-layered installation large thicknesses can be realized. Whether new construction or refurbishment, klimalan is suited for most insulation duties around the house.

klimalan also means delivery dependability. Whether with our own truck fleet or in cooperation with forwarding agencies: we will determine the most cost-efficient transportation and take care that the goods arrive on time at the construction site.

Advice & Care

We would like everybody to enjoy our products. That is why we are available in person - with advice and care. Whether via the web, via email, or over the phone.

klimalan - at home everywhere

  • in newly constructed buildings
  • in existing buildings
  • in special use cases / technical insulation etc.

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