Why Wool

High-Tech made by nature

Wool is a raw material of many fascinating properties. The sum of its properties makes it one of, if not the best raw material for a sanitary construction material. These are the reasons why we "want wool":

Sheep wool is natural

The wool fibre is an annually renewable protein fibre from domestic farming. It is not grown as a raw material, but originates naturally.

Sheep wool is permanently robust

Wool get its elasticity and tear resistance from (proven) 24 amino acids, which bind together into chain-like macromolecules. The stabilising effect of this bond is so strong that despite a 50% fibre elongation, the cells still hold together.

Sheep wool buffers humidity

The wool fibre can absorb up to 30% of its dry weight in humidity in the form of water vapour and release it again without becoming "wet". It hence is the "world champion" of sorption. The scaly layer surrounding the wool fibre is water impermeable however, which is why even a saturated wool fibre won't feel "wet".

Sheep wool purifies the air

Thanks to its high bio-reactivity wool has the capability to bind smells and pollutants, and partially neutralize some of them.

Sheep wool won't burn

Burning wool requires 25,2% of oxygen. Breathable air only contains about 21% of oxygen, which is why burning wool extinguishes itself. Its flash point is only reached at 580°C.

Sheep wool is non-allergenic

As a natural fibre, properly scoured wool is non-allergenic or dangerous to health in any other way (no respirable fibres).

Sheep wool covers many uses

Sheep wool can cover many uses and hence is our natural choice for klimalan.

klimalan is ecological and economical – made from

up to 100 % pure new sheep's wool.

Did you know that 1 kg of sheep wool creates an energy of 100.000 calories when going from 18°C, 45% relative humidity to -5°C, 95% relative humidity? That is about as much as the body metabolsim produces in one hour!

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